Support Programs

John Paul II strives to meet your child’s individual needs as fully as possible within the classroom. Our learning support program has been designed to support students who may be experiencing difficulty with their learning in the areas of literacy, numeracy, speech therapy, English as a second language and motor sensory development.

John Paul II employs a learning support teacher who co-ordinates the special education programs. This teacher assists in the assessment and implementation of these programs. The school liaises with specialist service providers in the areas of speech and language development; occupational therapists and physiotherapists; psychologists and social workers; as well as referring students for further educational assessments where required.

Some of our students are working through the MultiLit reading programme which helps fill in some gaps in student learning. Individual students work with a tutor for about 20 to 25 minutes three times a week. This year three new tutors have been trained and are very much enjoying being involved in working with young students.

If becoming a tutor interests you and you can commit to a few hours (or more) a week please contact the school. Being a tutor is not difficult and is a very satisfying and worthwhile way to help.

We also encourage you to contact us to discuss your family’s particular needs.