Specialist Lessons

Physical Education

kids playing sportThe Physical Education program at John Paul II is based on the Health and Physical Education learning area of the Australian Curriculum. It actively seeks to develop physical, personal and interpersonal skills in all individuals. Activities build body awareness and fundamental motor skills. Our students are encouraged to develop sportsmanship, teamwork, game sense and a positive attitude towards physical activity. The three golden rules in Physical Education are be safe, follow instructions and have fun! 


kids playing instrumentsGood quality music education not only supports literacy and numeracy, but also touches on every facet of the school curriculum. Each Tuesday our students learn through singing, saying, moving, playing, creating, improvising and performing. Students are engaging using puppets, props and various instruments ranging from ukuleles and drums to xylophones and boomwhackers.


Our Chinese-Mandarin program is available to students from Prep to Grade 6. It is not just about learning the language itself. It is about understanding the transformation of the language from thousands of years ago, being aware of the unique culture and beliefs, acknowledging the change of the culture, beliefs and language during migration and knowing the importance of the language in our present and future world.