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The Chinese-Mandarin Program at John Paul II Catholic School is a newly introduced program for Prep to Grade 6 as LOTE in 2014. It is a challenging yet interesting and important language to acquire nowadays. We are very fortunate that our school is introducing this language to the students at an early age.


Chinese-Mandarin is not just about learning the language itself. It is about understanding the transformation of the language from thousands of years ago, being aware of the unique culture and beliefs, acknowledging the change of the culture, beliefs and language during migration and knowing the importance of the language in our present and future world.


John Paul II Catholic School gives us the opportunity to establish Chinese-Mandarin language competences. We provide worthwhile experiences in various ways to achieve our objectives. In addition to written work, we employ engaging activities such as games and videos to enhance students’ learning. These experiences will enable students to understand, speak, read and write in the target language, to develop applicable real-life communication skills and to gain fascinating cultural knowledge.


Have fun with Chinese-Mandarin!


Flora Cheng

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