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Grade 5/6 Sassafras




Welcome to the new year at John Paul II Catholic School. We (Mr Tony Lennard & Mrs Kelly Collinson ) are very pleased to be working with you and your child this year.



Parents who would like to contact us via e-mail are very welcome to do so. Our e-mail addresses are  or  and we will endeavour to respond as soon as possible.




The values that underpin our work are a commitment to:

• Spirituality                                                               • Equity

• Resilience                                                                  • Achievement

• Curiosity                                                                  • Creativity

• Connectedness                                                          • Empathy



Curriculum Areas


In Grade 5/6, students will be covering work from all curriculum areas - English, Mathematics, Religion, The Arts, Science, Technology, LOTE, Health & Physical Education and History & Geography. ICT is embedded in all curriculum areas.


Our Religious Education program is based on the “Good News for Living” program and incorporates a variety of units of work directed at 5/6 students. The main focus of our school community is our faith in Jesus Christ. With the Gospels as a basis we aim to bring Jesus into the lives of our students. They are led towards opportunities where they are able to respond to God and live with him in a unique relationship.


Units of work Grade 5/6 Sassafras students will cover during the year will be; The Mass, Preparing for Easter, The Sacraments, Sacrifice and the Saints, The Spirit of God, The Old Testament, The Greatest Southern Land, Jesus’ Birth and Life and The Gospels.



There are several strands which will be covered in Mathematics. These are Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics & probability. It is very important at this stage of their education that the students have a mastery of their times tables. Nightly revision will assist those who have yet to master their tables. The Curriculum we are using in Mathematics is the Australian Curriculum (ACARA).


The English strands we incorporate in our curriculum include, Language, Literature and Literacy. The Curriculum we are using in English is the Australian Curriculum (ACARA).


The Arts incorporates Dance, Drama, Music, Media and Visual Arts. Time is set aside each week to experience The Arts. The Arts are often incorporated into Integrated Units with other learning areas.


The Science curriculum for Grade 5/6 Sassafras this year is based on the Primary Connections program. This program matches up well to the Australian Curriculum (ACARA). Students will also have the opportunity to participate in the Tasmanian Solar Car Challenge.



Technology is often incorporated within our science lessons, but students will also have lessons dedicated to the development of their knowledge and skills in this particular curriculum area.


History & Geography allow students the opportunity to discover more about the world they live in and its historical development. Several units we will be covering this year are, Parliament, Australian History and Geography and Aboriginal Studies. The Curriculum we are using in History & Geography is the Australian Curriculum (ACARA).



Languages Other Than English (LOTE). The students have the opportunity in these lessons to learn the parts of the Mandarin language and the culture of China. Miss Flora Cheng is the teacher in this area.


Physical Education lessons this year will be taken by Mrs Liz Graham on Thursday for 5/6 Sassafras. Children are to wear school polo top, blue shorts or school tracksuit, school rugby top or polar fleece and sandshoes. The Health component in this curriculum area is taught in the classroom.





We attend Mass regularly during the year. A community Mass is held weekly at John Paul II Church and all parents are welcome to attend. Classes are rostered to participate in the community Mass and these dates will be noted in the school newsletter.



Daily P.E.


From March children from Grades Prep-6 will participate in the Daily PE Program. Children are permitted to wear sandshoes for Daily PE. It will be held three times during the week in an early morning slot. Lessons will be devoted to increasing each child’s motor skills, fitness level and skills that relate to particular sports.


Children are to wear school polo top, blue shorts or school tracksuit, school rugby top or polar fleece and sandshoes.


If your child is an asthma sufferer they will need to bring their medication to school. This should have a Pharmacy sticker attached with name and recommended dose.


The School Swimming Sports will be held on Thursday 26 February at the Clarence Aquatic Centre and Inter-School Swimming Sports on Friday 13 March at the Hobart Aquatic Centre.


In Term 2 there is the School Cross Country, (Thurday 7 May, TBC), at the Clarendon Vale Oval and Inter-School Cross-Country (Friday 12 June) Championships.


In Term 3, children in Grades 5 and 6 will participate in inter-school netball/football rosters. This will be on Friday afternoons and all parents are invited to attend.


In Term 4 children will be involved in the School (Thursday 29 October) and Inter-School (Friday 13 November) Athletics Carnival. Both these carnivals are held at the Domain Athletics Centre.





Homework Procedure for Grade 5/6 Sassafras


All homework will be outlined in the student diary each day. Each student is expected to complete 30 minutes (Grade 5/6) of homework each night. If the set task(s) have not been completed after this time, students should stop where they are up to and ask a parent to sign and date the work indicating that they have done the required thirty minutes. Students must read each night in addition to the work set. This should be signed off in their diary.


If students are unable to complete the homework a note in their diary from their parent outlining the reason is expected. Diaries should come to school everyday.


Monday                        -         Spelling, English or Mathematics

Tuesday                       -         Spelling, English or Mathematics      

Wednesday                  -         Spelling, English or Mathematics

Thursday                     -         Spelling, English or Mathematics

Friday                          -         Completion of unfinished work (only as necessary)


* The above daily subject activities may be changed if the need arises.


Group Work


In 2015, Grade 4/5 Huon and 5/6 Sassafras are asking for parents or grandparents to volunteer for parent help.  We would like to utilise your services to assist with literacy and numeracy groups, under the guidance of the class teachers. These groups will start on in early April and a separate notice will be sent home regarding this in a few week’s time.


Specialist Programs


John Paul II offers a number of specialist programs. The Grade 5/6 Sassafras specialist timetable is as follows:

Music                          Ms Leigh Jabs                                     Tuesday

Book Change              Class Teacher                                     Wednesday

Chinese                       Miss Flora Cheng                               Wednesday                               

Physical Ed.                Mr Simon Terhell                                Thursday

Assessment and Reporting


Students will receive a Mid-Year and an End-of-Year report, which will indicate their progress in all curriculum areas and in personal/social development.





Out of school education includes such experiences as bus trips, excursions, participation in inter-school visits, camps, sporting competitions and attending performances.


Our sequential program from the Early Learning Centre to Grade Six is intrinsic to our whole school curriculum bringing real life experience to classroom work.


While integral to school life, aspects of this program should be regarded as earned, not the right of any individual.


Whilst attempts are made to fund this exciting program through levies, seldom do we cover costs. Appropriate student behaviour before, during and after excursions will determine whether any child is invited to participate.


The program will reflect classroom activity, with excursions building on and affecting classroom teaching.


It is expected that skills will develop from Prep to Grade Six.


Parents and families are encouraged to become involved in such excursions, in many cases being essential to our school offering a full program.


Across the years it is also expected that parent access to programs will be shared between the parent community.


Parents on camp/excursions should regard themselves as parents to the whole group rather than comforting just their own children, with confidentiality as always important.





Excursions are integrated into many curriculum areas in our school. Our school bus allows classes the opportunity to attend a varied number of places around the Hobart area to enhance their understanding of work, which has been undertaken in their classrooms.



This year Grades 4, 5 and 6s will be going on a school camp. The camp dates and location is yet to be finalised. This is an excellent opportunity for the students to work together on a very worthwhile education program. More information about the trip will be provided to parents closer to the time.





If a student is absent from school a phone call to the school office before 8.50am is expected.




Assemblies are held during the year where students present work. These are listed in the school calendar on the website.




The school canteen offers lunches on Thursday and Friday. Orders are collected in class boxes and taken to the canteen by a class monitor. This monitor is responsible for the collection of lunches at lunchtime. Snack items may be purchased over the counter following the bell at 1.00p.m. lunch bell.



Medication Policy


All medications (prescribed and non-prescribed) must be administered to students at the school office. All medication must be clearly labelled and in original packaging. Parents must provide a written permission for delivery of medication.


It is the responsibility of the parents to provide the school information about their child’s condition and provide the school with the medication.





A school newsletter is emailed to families and is placed on our website every second Wednesday. Newsletters will be distributed to families who do not have internet access.



School Arrivals and Departures


The school doors open for student entry at 8.20am when teacher supervision commences. Students should not arrive at school prior to this time.


If students need to leave the school grounds during the day they must be accompanied by an adult with the class teacher notified before departure. The student will need to be signed in if attending school late and signed out if leaving school early. This will need to be completed at the school office.




Sporting Houses


The three houses are: Toepfer (Red), Gannon (Green), Conolly (Yellow).


Toepfer is named after George Toepfer, the first principal of John Paul II School. Gannon is the family name of one of the first enrolled families, who still have ongoing involvement in the school community. Conolly house is so named after the first Catholic priest in Tasmania, who visited the area regularly.

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