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Kinder Saplings



Our Kindergarten has a caring, safe, supportive environment where children are encouraged to develop skills to become confident, independent learners.

We love to learn through having fun! We embrace a play based approach. Play is what children do well and it is how children learn best.

When children play they:

▪   think

▪   use initiative

▪   co-operate

▪   solve problems

▪   experiment

▪   persevere

▪   practise learning

▪   concentrate

▪   act with confidence

▪   make decisions

▪   take risks

▪   communicate

▪   share

▪   question

▪   take responsibility

▪   create

▪   explore


In Kinder we construct, paint, draw, make music, sing and dance, tell and read stories, do puzzles, play with water and sand, ride bikes, build, pretend, write, count, create art work, explore ideas and experiment. We are always busy and learn through lots of exciting activities.

There are many times when we come together as a whole class or in small groups. During these times we; learn, talk, listen, share information, follow instructions, participate in games and group activities.

We follow the Early Years Learning Framework, and provide opportunities to develop skills linking to the Australian Curriculum.

We have specialist Music and P.E lessons.


Our Educators for 2016 are: 

          Ms Rebecca Woolley (Class Teacher)

          Mrs Fiona Roberts (Teacher Assistant)

          Mrs Jodi Headlam ( Teacher Assistant)

We are dedicated educators who have a passion for providing quality early years education. In our Kindergarten we aim to develop a sense of belonging so that children in our care feel valued, connected to others, develop self-confidence and build positive relationships. We see children as capable, enthusiastic learners who are able to be active participants in their own learning. We aim to provide children with a wide variety of experiences so that they can explore things that interest them as well as be exposed to new experiences and ideas.


Our Kinder days are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

School hours are 8:40am - 2:50pm. (Doors open 8:30am)


Contact Details:

phone: 6247 7104 (school hours)

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