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Grade 4/5 Huon




Welcome to Grade the 4/5 Huon. Students in Huon, as in the rest of John Paul II Catholic School, have the opportunity to learn in a happy, dynamic and caring environment where individual needs are respected and catered for.


Our Classroom

Students at John Paul II are indeed very fortunate to have excellent facilities and spacious classrooms. These classrooms incorporate contemporary design features such as; soft furnishings and lounge spaces; large, bright open planned classrooms with easy access to the outside; flexible desk and seating arrangements; large floor areas to spread out in; large art and multi use areas; large wall mounted televisions that connect via wi-fi to  student’s iPads and  laptop computers so they can share their ideas with the class and  ceiling mounted projectors to project information onto wall screens.


4/5 Huon and 5/6 Sassafras students are also fortunate in that they can open up glass doors and expand the size of the classrooms to allow cooperative learning activities between the two classes.


All these features have been purposely designed into the classrooms so as to  maximise student comfort, engagement and learning. 



Students have access to a wide range of learning opportunities at John Paul II Catholic School including Religious Education and the following subject areas from the Australian Curriculum:-







Visual Art


PE and Health


In addition, to these learning areas, students in Grade 4/5 take part in additional activities such as :-


* School and Interschool Athletics Carnivals

* School and Interschool Swimming Carnivals

* School and Interschool Cross Country

* Interschool Football and Netball Competition

*School Parliament

*Bi Annual Canberra Trip

*Bi Annual School Camp



Students are expected to undertake homework 4 days per week from Monday to Thursday, however homework arrangements can be flexible and tailored to suit individual needs, so please contact me if you have concerns or issues.


Many parents get stressed about homework tasks, my philosophy on homework is that it is but one tool to help reinforce learning and expose students to new concepts. It is not designed as a source of stress and anxiety for students and parents.


If your child has trouble with an activity-“Don’t Stress”- simply highlight the problems they are having by a quick note in their book or a question mark against the particular problem.  This is an important tool for me to find out what your child needs additional help with and what we will need to revise. Remember to keep homework in perspective- your child is only at the start of their educational journey, so let’s make it as enjoyable as possible for them!


 Students are encouraged to develop good reading habits by reading for at least 15 minutes per night. Home Reading Logs are issued to students to help them keep track of their reading habits and certificates are issued to students as they  attain reading goals. For me, this is the most important homework your child can do – and most of the time it is a pleasure for them!


Students are encouraged to use the Mathletics Website to access the varied Mathematics activities and lessons aimed at their individual ability. Mathematics worksheets also go home once per week for students to revise, practise and be exposed to new ideas and concepts.


Students may also be asked to finish work off at home on projects or writing activities that they may not have finished in class.



Behaviour Policy

In Huon students are expected to conform to the PBS model we have in place in the school, That is:- Students should be Safe. Students should Learn.  Students should show Respect. With this as our guiding principle, we encourage and teach students to respect themselves and to treat each other with respect. This goes for the playground as well. If there are problems, students will be reminded of the rules and if further steps need to be taken, parents are contacted through a phone call or through a behaviour form sent home with the child.


If you have any issues or your child complains of any bullying or negative behaviours displayed towards them, please do not hesitate to contact me, the school principal or assistant principals.




ICT and iPads

John Paul II Catholic School implemented a policy of student ownership of iPads

for all students from Grades 3-6. This initiative has been in place for 2 years and has been a fantastic innovation that allows for more effective, efficient, flexible and creative teaching opportunities for our students. The school operates a plan that allows parents to buy and pay off the iPads over time.


Whilst the educational benefits of iPads are easily recognisable in class, parents do need to have rules in place at home to ensure that they are used in a sensible and meaningful way that doesn’t lead to conflict or problems through overuse. Please contact myself, or the ICT coordinator Kelly Collinson, if you need help setting up home use plans and boundaries for the iPads.


The school has an ICT Acceptable Use Policy that parents and students need to read and sign before any iPad or computer can be used. This is also a good starting point for establishing the ground rules at home.


At school student’s iPads are used as a tool for learning and, as such, are not used for game playing in class or lunch times. Students are allowed to access school apps only for educational purposes. Students are allowed to listen to music through earphones occasionally. Students are not permitted to use iPads to chat to each other in class, send photos, etc these rules are set out clearly in the ICT Acceptable Use Policy  that you and your child signed at the start of the year.  


Specialist Times

Music                Thursdays                     Teacher:         Mr Leigh Jabs

Library              Wednesday                  Technician:     Mr Simon Gerrard

PE                      Thursday                       Teacher:         Mr Simon Terhell

Chinese            Wednesday                  Teacher:          Ms Flora Cheng


Uniform Policy

Students are expected to abide by the School Uniform Policy, this means wearing their correct uniform at all times. If, for a legitimate reason, they can’t wear their uniform, students need to have a note from their parents.


School Times

School starts        8.40am

Recess                  10.55am -11.20am

Lunch                   12.50pm- 1.40pm

School Finishes   2.50pm



Running Club

Students wishing to participate in the Running Club need to wear their sports uniforms for the Wednesday afternoon and Friday morning sessions. Sessions usually last no longer than 20 minutes and are run by Ms Graham or myself.






All students have diaries and will be expected to bring them to and from school each day so that parents and teachers can use them to communicate with. Parents can also call, email and phone me at school, however mornings are usually a busy time, so if you would like an extended discussion please make arrangements for a time after school.


Lunch and Recess

Students are expected to have healthy and suitable food for their lunch and recess to sustain them throughout the day. While it is sometimes challenging to find appropriate foods that children actually enjoy, it is recommended that food should be less processed and should contain a minimum of sugar. Likewise, water bottles should contain water, no fizzy drinks or cordials, as these are very high in sugar and can have an impact on student behaviour and concentration levels.


Students have time in class to eat their food and all efforts are made to ensure they do actually eat their food, however if you see food coming home in their lunchboxes, please let me know.


Daily PE

All students participate in a Daily PE Program 3 days per week. These sessions are run by the Grade 6 students from Sassafras and are an important way for to learn games and keep active. Huon students will often go out for additional games and PE, particularly if the weather looks like it will mean there will be no outside play for the day.



Huon students are encouraged to participate in excursions throughout the year. Whilst parents sign a form at the start of the year allowing their child to attend excursions, addition notices will be sent home in advance of each excursion outlining the nature, destination and duration of each excursion. Parent help is often needed on such occasions.


Parent/Carer Help

Parent or carers are always welcome in the classroom at anytime. If you would like to help or you have a skill or talent you think could be useful to the students, please contact me to arrange the best time for you to come in.

*Current legislation does require parents or carers to have a National Police Check before working with students.


 My Contact Details

I hope to make your child’s year in Grade 4/5 Huon enjoyable for them and as stress free as possible for you. My focus will always be to achieve the best educational, social, emotional and spiritual outcomes for my students within a stimulating and caring environment. If you need to contact me on any issues or  just want to have a chat about your child, you can contact me before and after school. For longer discussions it is best to arrange an appointment after school. You can phone me via the school number before or after school or email me on anytime.


Have a great year!


Jeff Camp

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