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Grade 3 Blackwood

Grade 3 Blackwood- 2016

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

Just a note to welcome your family to Grade 3/4 Blackwood for 2015.  I am looking forward to the year ahead and am sure that it will provide many positive experiences for all of us. I strongly believe that education for our children works best if there is close communication and support between school and home, so if you have any concerns at any time please do not hesitate to contact or drop in to see me.

School Office: 62477104



Mrs B's Teaching Philosophy.

My personal philosophy regarding education is grounded in the principle that all human beings are individuals worthy of dignity and respect and should be treated accordingly; every child is important and their education matters. I strongly believe that one teacher can make a difference, and a committed teacher will constantly strive to do the best that they can. I believe that learning must take place in a nurturing environment governed by respect; the classroom must be a community of learners where children feel safe to take risks, cooperate with one another and willingly share ideas. I strongly believe that education works best if family, school and student work together as a team supporting each other to provide the best possible outcomes for our children.


Homework Routine

In Grade 3/4 students will be expected to complete a small amount of homework on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. Homework will consist of ten minutes of levelled reading per night (to be recorded in Communication Diary) as well as Look, Say, Cover Write, Check routine of each child's Individual Spelling List. Additionally at times I will set random research challenges for students. Homework should not cause any undue stress for you or your child but should be a time to form good routines and reinforce classroom learning. Whilst the homework consists of mostly revision of dedicated areas of class work, your co-operation in making it part of a routine is greatly appreciated.

As a parent myself I also understand that there are times when the homework routine is interrupted for one reason or another and on these occasions a short note in your child’s diary will be sufficient.

If your child does not have a homework bag as yet they are available at the uniform store and are an important part of keeping homework, diary and notes together.


Communication Diary

We will be having a communication diary in 3/4 Blackwood this year. This will be kept in your child's homework bag. Homework and school notes will be put in the bag and any classroom messages will be written in the book. Please check the book every night and if you need to convey any messages to me please feel free to write it in and date it.

If your child does not have a homework bag as yet they are available at the uniform store and are an important part of keeping homework, diary and notes together.


Healthy Eating

As part of our healthy eating plan in Blackwood, children will be encouraged to have a short fruit break at about 10.00 each day. At this time your child will be encouraged to eat some fruit, vegetables,  cheese or yoghurt. I do allow children to have their water bottles in the classroom so they are able to access it when needed throughout the day.


Specialist Times

Tuesday:            Music

Wednesday:      Library

Thursday:          Physical Education and Chinese


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