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Kinder Saplings
Prep Bluegum
Grade 1 Leatherwood
Grade 2 Wattle
Grade 3 Blackwood
Grade 4/5 Huon
Grade 5/6 Sassafras
Sassafras Homework
Leatherwood Letter
Grade 4 Myrtle
Welcome to Myrtle 2017 Welcome to the new school year at John Paul II Catholic School. I am very pleased to be working with you and your child this year. E-mail Parents who would like to contact me via email are very welcome to do so. My email address is and I endeavour to respond as soon as possible. Vision Statement John Paul II Catholic School is a dynamic, inspiring community, led by a committed team of educators. We share a love of learning and an authentic desire to make a difference in the life of every student by empowering them to achieve their personal best. We do this by working in partnership with our students, parents, the Parish and the school community. Together, we are preparing our students to be ethical and active members of society in a context of promise and hope. Mission Statement All that we do at John Paul II Catholic School has its foundation in our belief in Jesus Christ and lived commitment to Christian values. Through a supporting, challenging and stimulating environment we are developing each child’s awareness and understanding of the gift of life. Values The values that underpin our work are a commitment to: • Spirituality • Equality • Pride • Resilience • Achievement • Excellence • Curiosity • Creativity • Generosity • Connectedness • Empathy Specialist lessons are as follows: Music: Tuesday (with Ms Leigh Lazarus) Library: Wednesday Chinese: Wednesday (with Miss Flora Chang) Physical Education: Tuesday (with Mrs Amanda Belbin) Academic Focus I have set high standards for our Myrtle children this year and I strive to ensure that each of them achieves their best. Religion Religious Education Curriculum The main focus of our school community is our faith in Jesus Christ. With the Gospels as a basis we aim to bring Jesus into the lives of our students. They are led towards opportunities where they are able to respond to God and live with him in a unique relationship. Our curriculum is based on the “Good News for Living” program. Masses We attend Mass as a whole school once or twice a term. A community Mass is held weekly on Thursdays at 10:00 am at John Paul II Church and all parents are welcome to attend. Mass dates will be in the newsletter. Curriculum Areas There are several strands that will be covered in our Mathematics program this year. These are Number, Measurement, Space, Chance and Data and Working Mathematically (problem solving). We use the Australian Curriculum to plan, teach and assess our mathematics program. The Australian Curriculum English strands incorporated into our program include: Language, Literacy, Literature and Handwriting. Together these strand focus on developing students’ knowledge, understanding and skills in listening, reading, viewing, speaking, writing and creating. The Arts incorporates Dance, Drama, Music, Media and Visual Arts. We set time aside each week to explore and experience The Arts. Some of these strands are incorporated into other curriculum areas, such as English and Physical Education. The Science curriculum in Myrtle is based on the Primary Connections program, which is aligned with the Australian Curriculum. Topics covered in Science will also be directed by the interests and ideas of the students. Technology is often incorporated into our science curriculum, but students will also have the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge in ICT through dedicated computer/iPad lessons, as well as through other learning experiences throughout the year. History and Geography are important elements of the curriculum as they allow students the opportunity to discover more about themselves, their families and the world they live in, and its historical development. Language other than English (LOTE). This year the students have the opportunity to continue to learn about the language and culture of China. Ms Flora Cheng is the Chinese Teacher, and students have their lesson every Wednesday. Assessment and Reporting Students will receive a Mid-year and an End-of-Year report, which will indicate their progress in all curriculum areas and in personal/social development. If I have concerns about your child’s progress, I will contact you prior to these major reporting periods, to discuss issues and options. Excursions Excursions are integrated into many curriculum areas in our school. Our school bus allows classes the opportunity to attend a varied number of places around the Hobart area and local community. This enhances their understanding of the work that has been undertaken in the classroom. Absences If a student is absent from school a call to the office before 8.50 am is expected please. You can also report absences using our Skoolbag app. Canteen The school canteen offers lunches on Thursday only. Orders are collected in class boxes on the stage in the hall and taken to the canteen by a class monitor. The monitor is responsible for the collection of lunches at lunchtime. Snack items may be purchased over the counter following the bell at 1.00 pm. Medication Policy All medications (both prescribed and over the counter) must be administered to students at the school office. All medication must be clearly labelled and in original packaging. Parents must provide written permission for delivery of medication. It is the responsibility of parents to provide the school with information about their child’s condition and provide the school with any medication required. Newsletters A school newsletter is emailed to families and placed on our website every second Friday. Newsletters will be distributed to families who do not have internet access. Please contact the office if you require a printed copy. School Arrivals and Departures The school doors open for student entry at 8.20 am when teacher supervision commences. Students should not arrive at school prior to this time. I ask that every effort is made to have children to school by 8.45 am in order for us to start our learning day. Homework Homework will be assigned in order to support classroom learning. There is an expectation that children read for 15 minutes every night to continue improving their reading skills. I ask that students use their school diaries to record what they have read and that an adult signs to verify. There will also be nightly spelling tasks that will take approximately 5 minutes to complete. I will also be sending home a weekly mathematics homework task that is to be completed by Friday. These tasks will be designed to reinforce classroom learning as well as maintain skills in certain areas. Homework is one of the many tools that are available to help your children succeed in school. It is not meant as a punishment and students and parents should not stress if they are unable to complete the tasks. If there are any questions regarding homework please do not hesitate to ask. Parent Help I welcome parent, as well as grandparent, help in the classroom. Please let me know when you are available, so I can ensure I have a task prepared for you to work on with the students. If you want to volunteer for parent help it is vital that you have a Working With Vulnerable People card. Please ask at the office for more details regarding this card and information regarding the application process. Move Well, Eat Well We are a Move Well, Eat Well school and allow time for children to eat a serving of fresh fruit or vegetables every morning. I ask for your support in this and ask you to speak to your children about the importance of eating fresh fruit each day. We are a 'Nut Aware' school. Please refrain from packing foods with whole nuts and if your child has a spread such as peanut butter in their lunch, could they please inform the class teacher. They will be required to wash their hands after eating. Hats Please ensure your child has a school hat to wear during outside play and PE during Term 1 and Term 4 after the Show Day holiday. As always, if you have any questions, queries or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I am looking forward to a busy, productive, exciting and fun year with you and your child in 2017! Mr Casey Moore Grade 4 Myrtle Classroom Teacher
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